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In this episode, Hall interviews Jefre Outlaw of Colorado-based Sprout Tiny Homes. Jefre talks about how he got into real estate investing, and more specifically the tiny home industry. Jefre explains how the tiny house market has developed, and where he sees the future of that market heading. Hall and Jefre discuss innovations in the real estate space, and how developments in the tiny house market may lead to changes and investment opportunities in the real estate market as a whole.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Jorge Newbery of AHP Servicing, the world’s first crowdfunded distressed mortgage platform.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Nicholas Smith of Southern Methodist University. Nicholas was selected for SMU Maguire Energy Institute's "Spindletop Fund" Investment Program 2017-2018, and is one of 30 students that analyze, track, pitch, and invest part of the SMU Endowment in energy equities each year.

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