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In this episode, Hall interviews Daniel Carter of Windmill Investments. Daniel talks about his background in the Texas real estate market, and how they came through the real estate bubble and recession. Daniel talks about their philosophy of improving revenue rather than focusing on costs, and how attention to the smaller details of improvements can affect the bottom line.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Kyle Samani of MultiCoin Capital. Kyle talks about investing in cryptoassets, and why they are a good investment opportunity today.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Greg Bohlen, Managing General Partner at Union Grove Venture Partners. Greg discusses Union Grove's investment strategies, and their partnership criteria.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Craig Vaughan of Vaughan Capital Advisors. Craig talks about his background, how he started VCA, their focus on media and consumer technology, and how VCA helps founders and owner/operators achieve successful outcomes from the mergers & acquisitions process.

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