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Why Start a University Angel Network?

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A university angel network is a group of investors formed around the affinity to a university.

It typically consists of alumni and supporters of the university.

So why start an angel network at a university?

It’s a great way for alumni to connect back to their alma mater.

The members are like-minded business people who connect with each other.

The primary purpose of the group is to provide a better education experience for the students as well as job placement.

The angel group can focus on startups related to the university or look for startups more broadly.

The students participate by helping with the process of funding startups such as providing analysis of the deal flow.

The university can extend the  student education program through the group by offering course credit and internships.

Students who participate find invaluable experience and often receive job opportunities that further their career.

Finance students can learn diligence and apply their venture finance education to the startups the angel investors review.

Entrepreneurship students learn how startups work by applying their entrepreneurship knowledge to the screening process.

The angel group can also draw on resources from the university for analyzing the deals.

The university is a non-profit so there’s no investing inside the university. 

An LLC must be set up for any investments the angel group makes. 

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