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Valuations by Stage of Funding

Hello, this is Hall T. Martin with the Startup Funding Espresso -- your daily shot of startup funding and investing.

At each stage of funding there’s a valuation range for the startup.

This changes over time with fluctuations in the market and by sector.

Here’s a list of ranges to consider for your startups fundraise:

  1. Pre-seed -- $50K to $100K

The output of this stage is market research and an initial list of potential customers.

  1. Seed -- $1M to $5M

The output of this stage is an initial product.

  1. Seed+ -- $1M to $5M

The output of this stage is a refined product with better metrics.

  1. Series A -- $5M to 15M

The output of this stage is growing revenue for the main product.

The valuation varies based on the monetization model in the startup.

  1. Series B -- $20M to $50M

The output of this stage is a meaningful share of the market.

  1. Series C -- $50M to $200M

The output of this stage is new product lines.

  1. IPO -- $100M+

The output of this stage is an ongoing business on the public market.

Valuations will vary from one sector to the next and with the state of the market.


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