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There are several types of board members. 

Each provides a contribution to the board dynamic.

Here are the types you may see in your board room:

  • The Cheerleader. Always optimistic and sees the upside to every proposal or situation.
  • The Pessimist. Always pessimistic and sees the backside to every proposal and situation. 
  • The Analyst. Always analyzing the situation and commenting on the implications.
  • The Skeptic. Always questioning the data and the implications of proposed solutions.

If you have a board that is all cheerleaders, then there may be little scrutiny given to plans.

If you have a board that is all pessimists, then no solution will ever be good enough.

If you have a board that is all analysts, then there will be no decisions taken.

If you have a board that is all skeptics, then there will be no progress.

A healthy mix of all of the above is desired.

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