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Startup founders need strategy skills to run a business.

Here’s a list of key skills successful startup founders have:

  1. Business model design - the founder can review a situation and develop a business model to create a profitable business.
  2. Buy vs. build - the founder can decide between buying a solution or building it from scratch.
  3. Growth management - the founder knows when to press forward for growth and when to maintain the current run rate.
  4. Product management - the founder knows how to expand the product line and when.
  5. Resourcefulness - the founder knows how to get the most out of the situation and applies resourcefulness to do so.
  6. Experimentation - the founder is constantly examining new strategies to grow the company.
  7. Measurement - the ability to measure the results to see how a strategy is working.

The founder needs to apply strategic thinking to every aspect of the company, mission, product development, hiring, marketing, and sales.

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