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Startup Valuation Roadmaps

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Investors setting a valuation should review the cap table to understand how future rounds will cause dilution.

A cap table tracks each shareholder and the amount of equity they own including the pre and post-money valuations.

Key factors to consider are the following:

Option pools -- what has been set up or will be set up.

Liquidation preferences -- does any other investor have a right to a liquidation preference that gives them a portion of the proceeds before other investors?

Future rounds of funding -- how many more rounds of funding will be required?

Most startups will need additional funding so some dilution is to be expected.

Map out the proposed follow-on rounds of funding to see the effects of dilution on the investors' equity position.

Consider the impact of venture capital on the cap table which can have a major impact on earlier investors.

It’s often the case the startup must raise additional capital beyond the plan, due to unforeseen circumstances so any proposal shows the best-case scenario.

By mapping the cap table from the current investment to the exit, the investor can understand their position at an exit and what return to expect.

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