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I’m often asked if you should you take money from family and friends to fund your startup.

Outside investors will look at family-and-friends funding as a sign of support for your business.  

If your family and friends won’t invest, why should the outside investor invest?

Many startups are reluctant to take family-and-friends funding because Thanksgiving turkey tastes different if things don’t work out.

In addition, there’s valuation. I’ve seen some startups give their family a special valuation because well, they’re family.

This becomes a problem later when raising follow-on funding from outside investors. You have to give them the same valuation or higher, or your family loses their equity position.

My recommendation is to take family-and-friends funding as a show of support.

But only as a donation and only in $10K amounts from each person.

Offer to pay them back by supporting their project in the same way when the time comes.

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