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Startup founders need sales skills.

Here’s a list of sales skills to bring to your startup:

  1. Can craft a compelling story about the startup to sell to investors, prospective employees, partners, and others. 
  2. Knows the competition and the other choices the prospect has.
  3. Knows the customer’s language, whether it be company-specific or industry-specific.
  4. Understands the customer’s problem. 
  5. Spends twice as much time listening as talking.
  6. Ability to probe for the customer’s careabouts.  
  7. Ability to set up a sales funnel and bring prospects through it one step at a time. 
  8. Ability to ask for the sale.
  9. Can generate social proof to show how others have succeeded with the product.
  10. Can turn sales into a repeatable process that becomes a core system within the company.
  11. Can set up sales compensation plans with proper incentives.

Many investors look for basic sales skills in the founder before funding the startup.

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