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The CEO must operate in two modes: managing and leading.

As a manager, the CEO must define the strategy, recruit the team, and set goals for the company. 

This requires strong organizational skills.

As a leader, the CEO must set the vision, motivate the team, and create a culture. 

This requires having a vision, caring about the people, and communicating effectively.

The team will be more motivated if they can see themselves as part of the company’s vision. 

Start with the “Why?” and show how each person is a part of it.

In the early days of a company, there’s energy and excitement in the startup world.

As the company grows, the startup euphoria wears off and the company becomes an ongoing business.

The CEO establishes and reinforces the culture every day by the choices made.

The team watches the CEO for cues on what’s valuable to the company.

The CEO can articulate the values of the company, but what the CEO actually does will determine the culture the company achieves.

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