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Corporate venture capital is venture funding from a company, rather than a fund raised from limited partners.

Most corporate venture capital invests for strategic reasons rather than financial ones.

Reasons for corporations to invest in startups include the following:

- Gain market insight through their startup portfolio companies - many companies want a front-row seat on how an emerging market is developing. 

- Access to new research and business models - this can support research and development as well as business development.

- Provide a flow of new customers for the corporate investor - investing in companies gives the corporate VC leverage for selling their products.

- Identify new talent for future projects in the space - as the market matures, the corporate VC may want to enter the market with their own products, and having the talent to build and sell those products can be quite valuable. 

- Build a relationship with potential acquisition targets - some corporations use M&A to gain access to a market and investing in early-stage companies is one path to acquisition.


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