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The product roadmap is a shared resource that outlines the vision, priorities, and direction of a product over time.

It aligns the goals of the company to deliver the product and sets the expectations of the customer.

The first product is the minimum viable product and sets the starting point for the product roadmap.

Each version thereafter builds on what came before.

Each version of the product should have a primary theme.

This could be solving a product for a type of buyer. 

This could be adding a major new capability that all customers can use.

Product roadmaps are driven by revenue generation priorities.

Which feature set will generate the most revenue.

Product roadmaps are also used as a competitive advantage by providing features that others do not have.

Each themed version of the product will come with a series of features and benefits.

This provides a technical list of features to implement.

Many customers don’t buy the product for the current version but rather for the product roadmap it brings.

This can become a selling point to larger customers if they have visibility into the roadmap.

Use product roadmaps not only as a tool to organize your development teams but also as a tool to close customers. 


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