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Product Development Using IDEO

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Startups can use the IDEO  method to build out their product development process.

Here are the steps:

Observation -- observe the user and their pain points.

Ideation/brainstorming -- turn the observations into product ideas and use brainstorming to generate multiple variations.

Prototyping -- mock up an example of the proposed product using simplistic approaches such as made-up datasheets, screen interfaces, and cardboard prototypes.

User feedback -- gather user feedback using the prototypes.

Iteration -- use the feedback to iterate on the product and generate more feedback.

Implementation -- take the feedback and develop the first version of the product.

Make sure you capture the feedback in written form for review later.

Continually validate the product with new users.

Launch the product into the market for even more feedback.

The IDEO process works well for products developed around the user.


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