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The Cap Table is an important part of any diligence process.

In reviewing a startup’s Cap Table, look for these signs of a problem:

  • The current team has little equity and thus little incentive to see it through to an exit.
  • The Cap Table is complicated with multiple share classes.
  • The early rounds came with complex rights and terms including liquidation preferences, ratchets, and clawbacks.
  • Founders who left the company still own substantial amounts of equity.
  • There’s no options pool which means all compensation will need to be paid out of cash.
  • There are too many individuals on the Cap Table.
  • Convertible notes, options, warrants, and other items are not listed in the Cap Table but exist in the business. 
  • Existing investors retain sign-off rights on additional funding.

The Cap Table is a standard due diligence document so don’t invest without first reviewing it.

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