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Price Comes Before Product Development

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Most startups build a product and only then start a discussion with customers about how much they will pay for it.

The pricing discussion should come before product development.

In fact, the decision to build the product will depend on how much you can charge for the product.

Before starting product development, create a one-page description of the product.

List out the key features and benefits along with the price.

Make several test mailings and in-person discussions to check what price the target customer is willing to pay.

Vary the price from one test to the next and check the results.

Never put a higher and lower price on the page and then ask which one to choose.

The prospect will always choose the lower price.

Instead, put one price on the page and then ask, would you buy it or not?

In each test case, note which customers would pay a higher price and which would only pay a lower price.

This will help you determine the buyer personas and how to price a good, better, best product offering.


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