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Growth startups can raise not only funding for equity but also funding for debt called venture debt.

Venture debt doesn’t dilute the founders and provides capital to continue the growth.

Here are some key terms and conditions to know when looking for venture debt:

There are term loans and revolving lines of credit with maturity dates and interest rates.

The lender will look to secure assets for the loan.  

Check to see if the intellectual property will be required.

If they do tie to the IP, then they will want a negative pledge in that they don’t want you to pledge the IP to any other lender.

Many lenders will require you to move all your banking to their firm.

If so, understand the account transfer period.

The amount of funding and timing is a key issue. Will the funds be transferred in one go or in tranches?

Check to see the requirements for each tranche.

Check for fees on early payoff and exits.

The default rate is the increase in the interest rate in case you default on the payments.

Finally, warrants are often part of the terms. A warrant is the right to buy stock at a specified price.  

What is the price of the warrant and what is the timeframe it is active?

Check for these key points in a discussion about venture debt.

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