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There are many terms used in terms sheets but there are only a few that have a significant impact.

Here are the key ones:

  • Liquidation Preference -- a liquidation preference gives the shareholder their initial investment back first, before splitting the rest of the proceeds. 
  • Non-Participating Preferred -- the investors receive preference over the common shareholders.
  • Anti-Dilution -- investors retain their ownership percentage through subsequent rounds of funding. 
    If they maintain their full ownership, then this is called Full-Ratchet Anti-Dilution.
  • In a Weighted Average Anti-Dilution, the founders get diluted but not as much.
  • Pay to Play -- a pay-to-play clause incentivizes investors to continue investing in subsequent rounds. If not, they lose some portion of their ownership stake.
  • Warrants -- a security that gives the holder the right to buy stock over a certain timeframe and at a specific price.

These are key terms to look for in a terms sheet.

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