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How To Write the Subject Line

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In emailing an investor the most important line is the subject line.

This gets read by every recipient even if they don’t open the email.

To make the best subject line consider the following:

Draw from your research of the investor and include key points that are relevant.

Include the name of your company and what it does such as ‘Merexis launches first to market a medical device.’

If the investor funds recurring revenue startups, then include recurring revenue in the subject line.

Demonstrate a milestone in the subject line such as ‘Hit $10K MRR revenue.’

Focus on key wins that resonate with investors such as increasing revenue, hiring a team member, or closing a lead investor.

Investors scan subject lines for what may be familiar or relevant to them.

If you have a referral call out the name of that contact.

Keep it short and to the point.  Long subject lines may not get read.

Avoid the funny and cute as this is a business email and not ad clickbait.

Keep the subject line descriptive and avoid filler words.

Avoid generic phrases and make each word descriptive.

The goal is not to tell the investor everything but rather pique their interest so they open the email to find out more.


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