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Pitching a startup with complex technology or product can be challenging. This is especially important for those in the healthcare space explaining a new technology to those outside of healthcare.

So how do you describe the complex to the novice in a fundraise pitch?

Know your audience. In general, most investors are savvy business people who are up on current events but not specialists in your particular field.

Choose the core thing they should understand. Identify the core value proposition you have and focus on explaining the benefits of that technology and not how it works.

Give context to the problem with examples - describe the problem the technology solves, again focusing on the benefits and not how it works.

Use metaphors, examples, and analogies. Pick one analogy and use it to characterize what the technology does.

Use simple everyday language and not jargon. Avoid using acronyms as most of the investors may not be familiar with it.

In your pitch deck, use images to show the product/solution.

Try describing your product/solution in 5 words or less.

In conclusion, focus on the benefits of your solution and not how it works.


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