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How To Personalize the Investor Email

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In emailing an investor consider using the following to personalize it for the investor:

Start with common connections and indicate any referrals made.

Mention the names of mutual contacts who you’ve recently spoken with and give an update about them.

Indicate a common range of interests and expertise such as a common position, skill, or experience.

This could be holding a similar position at a company or an interest in the same technology or business sector.

Demonstrate that you researched the contact and what you learned from it.

This shows you did your homework and found it informative.

Include information about the investor that you found interesting.

Show how your deal fits into the investment thesis of the investor by pointing out the salient features.

This demonstrates you understand what is potentially interesting to the investor and your deal is relevant.

Show how other investors in the same industry and stage are looking at the deal.

This shows the investor will be in good company if they engage.

The goal is to personalize the email so the investor feels comfortable with reaching out to learn more about it.


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