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Deal flow takes a substantial amount of time for the startup investor.

It’s important to organize your deal flow process so it’s efficient.

Use these steps to organize your deal flow.

Set up a separate email for deal flow and use it to capture deals from websites, social media, and other sources.

Have everyone on the team send any new deals to that email address.

Take all submitted deals and place them into a CRM with contact information, sector, stage, and other key information.

Update that record with the deal status and next steps.

Create a series of follow-up emails to send to those in the deal flow pipeline such as how your deal flow process works and when to expect a follow-up.

Develop a process for screening the deals for basic criteria and send “pass” notices to those deals that don’t meet them.

Set up calls with those that meet the criteria to qualify them and move them through your standard process.

Run reports to understand the deal flow and how well it is providing quality deals.

It’s important to review your successfully funded deals for key information so you can prioritize those deals for follow-up.

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