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Deal flow is important to the startup investor.

After you set up your initial sources, you can expand your deal flow in the following ways:

Connect with other startup investors and offer to share your deal flow with them and invite them to return the favor.

The best deals come from other investors, especially those who you know well and have seen quality deals from them before. 

Talk with your portfolio companies and ask them to send you any deals they think are qualified for startup investment.

Founders and CEOs have a greater chance of meeting other startups than many investors do. They also understand the criteria of the investors and can provide an initial screen.

Talk with service providers such as attorneys, accountants, and bankers who see startups every day.

Start with your own service providers and expand out from there.

Have them make an email introduction.

Promise to set up a call with anyone they refer so they have confidence their time spent on the intro will not fall through the cracks.

Report back to the referrer with the outcome.

The more feedback they get then the more qualification they can perform.

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