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After the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, investors look to see if you have made your business COVID-19-proof.

Here are some steps to COVID-19-proof your startup.

Ensure your startup can continue day-to-day operations by working remotely, even when everyone is in lockdown in their own homes.

Setup remote work tools such as Google Drive, Asana, Trello and other systems.

Update your cybersecurity measures as a remote workforce bring new challenges.

Create backup and redundancy plans to cover for those who fall ill or must step out to take care of others.

Choose partners, suppliers and others who have COVID-19-proof businesses. 

Secure the supply chain for your operations as well as for product/service delivery.

Pursue customers who are also COVID-19-proof and whose operations will continue in the case of a lockdown.

These businesses include:

Those who can run some portion of their business online.

Those who can continue operating using existing workers in remote locations.

Those who don’t require large numbers of people to deliver and support a product/service.

Those who have a flexible workforce and can shift duties from one team member to another seamlessly.

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