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In running a fundraise campaign you’ll need to set up calls and meetings with investors who are busy and may struggle to find time to give you.

Of course you can have a mutual contact make an introduction and depending on the strength of their relationship you’ll get a meeting.

Also, you only have so many mutual contacts and eventually that runs out.

Another way to get a call/meeting is to do some meaningful research in a trend, company, or market and offer to share the results with the prospective investor.

Investors love to be educated about the market and companies and appreciate gaining relevant information that informs their decision process.

In your outreach, show the time and effort you’ve put into researching an area and some of the findings to pique their interest.

Then ask for a call/coffee to review the rest of the findings.

Investors are much more likely to find time for a meeting in which they will gain something rather than just give something. 


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