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Deal flow is key to a startup investor’s success. 

Investors seeking startups to fund can follow these steps to attract deal flow:

Build a global network of venture partners, scouts, and micro funds. Showcase your network to the startup community to capture more startup interest. 

Set up a series of meetings to attract startups seeking education, networking, and mentorship.

Provide content that helps startups.

Launch an accelerator program.

Provide programs for early-stage startups to organize their business. 

Join pitch competitions as a judge or coach.

Provide a forum for startups to practice their pitch and gain experience answering questions.

Start a dinner series and invite promising startups to join for socializing and networking with investors.

A dinner meeting is a great way to foster the community and connect startups and investors.

Launch a newsletter with helpful information.

Set up a podcast and interview key people in the community.

Set up these programs to run continually throughout the year with an event happening every month.

It takes a year or two to generate awareness and another year to establish a brand.

Consistency is key, so set up a support team to help make it happen.


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