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I’m often asked how long it will take to raise a round of funding. 

It will take you one calendar year for every million dollars you are raising, that’s if you are working on it full-time. If you are part-time, then it will take longer.

You’ll need approximately two months to prepare for the raise. This includes preparing the company, the investor documents, and the initial investor list.

It takes another 2-3 months to engage investors and bring them up to speed on your deal. They’ll want to monitor it for a few months to see the traction in motion.

Then it takes a month to close.

After you close those investors, you’ll need to find another round of investors and repeat the process. 

For a million-dollar raise, you’ll need to do this three times on average.

Some companies don’t need all their funding in one go as most are based on recurring revenue and have the option of growing incrementally so they can raise funding the same way.

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