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How Long Does It Take to Run an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign?

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In running an equity crowdfunding campaign you’ll need to budget time to prepare for the campaign as well as run it.

Preparations include applying to launch a fundraise campaign.

This requires completing a Form C and setting up your campaign on a crowdfunding portal or your own website.

You’ll need to prepare the campaign documents which include a pitch deck, key points about the fundraise, digital media assets such as ads and banners, and a campaign plan.

Then you’ll need to run the campaign launching to your network first.

Afterward, you’ll draw the circle wider to include investors who are interested in your sector.

For investors expressing interest, you’ll need to follow up to answer their questions.

In closing a campaign you’ll need to work through the fund's transfer process.

It typically takes two months to apply to launch a campaign, followed by three months to prepare the campaign documents and digital assets.

Then you’ll need to run several sub-campaigns to various investor groups taking one to two months each.

Closing typically takes one to two months to complete the fund transfers due to paperwork issues.

For a $1M fundraise, it will take one calendar year to raise it.

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