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After an investor expresses interest in funding your deal, the first question to ask is, “What is your diligence process?”

While most diligence processes follow the same format of document review and analysis with follow-up questions, each investor has their own start time, timeframe of work, and specific documents they look for.

It’s best to ask for their process and then follow along with it.

Having a due diligence box with the standard documents helps a great deal. It shows you are prepared and there are usually only minor additions you need to make for each investor.

It’s helpful to make contact with the associate or analyst who will be doing the detailed work and have a direct line of communication with them. 

In some cases, if you build a rapport you may have the option of contacting them directly for progress status and updates.

Position your calls as opportunities to answer questions and help the associate find specific pieces of information.

If the investor does not have a specific process, then presenting the due diligence box should be enough.  

For new investors who are not sure what to do, you can offer to walk them through the diligence document by showing them all the relevant information.

The investors are busy and can get drawn away by other deals so it’s important to be timely with the follow-up. 

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