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Term sheets tend to favor the founder over the investor or the other way around. 

Here is how to tell if you have a founder-friendly term sheet:

  • Valuation skews to the higher end of the market in favor of the founders.
  • There’s no liquidation preference for the investors.
  • The option pool shares will be paid for by both founders and investors and not founders alone.
  • There are no performance reviews nor non-compete clauses for the founders.
  • There are no dividends paid to the preferred shareholders.
  • The term sheet uses a broad-based weighted average for anti-dilution and includes provisions for the investors to “pay to play”.
  • The investors must pay their own legal expenses.
  • The term sheet does not force arbitration which means the founders and investors can use the courts.

Look for these key points in a proposed terms sheet to indicate which party it favors.

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