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Startup founders need emotional intelligence skills to run a startup.

Emotional intelligence helps the founder control emotions and empathize with others.

Here are the key components for building those skills:

Self-awareness - this is the ability to know yourself and recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations.

The more you know yourself, the more you can work around your weaknesses to achieve your goals.

Self-regulation - this is the ability to recognize your emotions and control them.

The stronger your self-regulation, the more control you have over your responses to challenging situations.

Social skills - the ability to influence others to be more empathetic.

This comes in the form of communication, persuasion, and collaboration skills.

Social skills help you connect to others and bond with them.

Empathy - the ability to understand others intellectually rather than emotionally, which is sympathy.

Empathy helps the founder understand the team on a deeper level and provide appropriate responses.

Motivation - the ability to drive forward through challenging situations.

Founders need to understand what motivates the team members which can be financial, personal, or otherwise.

Founders need strong emotional intelligence skills to lead the team, manage conflicts, and motivate the team members.

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