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The elevator pitch follows a simple format.

Start with the people who have this problem so the listener has context.

Show the cost in time or dollars to demonstrate the size of the problem.

Demonstrate your competitive advantage over the other solutions.

Quantify the benefit with numbers.

Propose the next steps to discuss further.

Close with an action item to connect again. 

Here’s the format you can use to build your pitch:

<Describe people who have the problem> <show cost of the problem in time or dollars>.  Our solution <reduces the cost in time or dollars by x amount>  Unlike other products, our solution <state differentiator> to <state benefit>.  I can <state path to learn more> to tell you more. <Setup next engagement>

Here’s an example use of the template.

Office workers spend 75% of their time searching for files on the network. Our solution reduces that time by 3X. Unlike other products, our solution uses proprietary software to achieve productivity gains. I can send you a link so you can try it out. Here’s my card so you can send me your email address or call me.

Build your elevator pitch with these core concepts.


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