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I often see founders begin work on their startup by building out their tech platform.

Customers will come later they say.

I recommend starting with the customer and have them guide you through to the tech platform you need.

In the early days, hire a few people to run the process manually. 

As the process evolves, so will your plans for the tech platform.

The chance that you will build the tech right in the first place without customers is near zero.

The more code you write at this stage, the more code you will throw away later when it becomes clear what the customer needs really are.

From the customer’s point of view, it doesn’t matter how you get it done as long as you do.

Also, the go-to-market plan is not the plan that scales. 

Building too much code at the early stage means you’ll have to rewrite it or throw it away to build out your platform for scaling.

It’s not hard to look like a tech company with websites and user interface forms for capturing data. 

Many startups launch with a WordPress site using standard plugins.

The go-to-market design is geared for the first 100 customers.

The scale design is geared for the next 10,000 customers.

The tech platform for each is very different.

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