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Startup founders need conflict management skills to run a startup.

Conflicts arise among the team members for the following reasons:

They come from differing beliefs and viewpoints.  

In the short term, the founder can separate the team members to reduce the friction.

They also come from team members who feel their input has not been heard or valued.

The founder can take steps to show how the work and input of the team member has been heard and has importance.

The team member believes they’ve received an unfair evaluation.

The founder can standardize the evaluation process and show specifically how the team member is doing.

The team member believes the manager has unrealistic expectations.

The founder can show how others are handling the tasks and suggest ways to accomplish the work.

The team member doesn’t receive any feedback and comes to believe their work doesn’t count.

The founder can set up regular meetings to review the team members' work and give feedback.

The role of the founder is to encourage the team members to join in a collaboration to work through the problem.

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