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Having a strong company culture helps the startup succeed.

Customers and partners are attracted to companies with strong cultures. It guides the employees on what is important.

The CEO fosters the company culture.

In general, CEOs build cultures they like to work in.

It’s important to hire well throughout the life of the company.

The first round of hires brings the team that will have a strong influence on the culture.

Here are the steps for establishing the culture at your startup:

The CEO brainstorms with the team to generate a list of potential values.

The goal is to identify values already in the company and not values that don’t exist.

Build the chosen values into everything -- website, internal communications, meetings, new hire onboarding, and more.

Setup rituals to showcase those values.

Capture stories that demonstrate those values.

Use the values to build products, run meetings, and make daily decisions.

Include it in your recruiting and hiring process. 

Continue to reinforce and reiterate the values through stories and experiences.

Culture is one of the harder assets to build into your business and one of the most important.

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