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In working with corporate VCs, follow these best practices:

  1. Consider access to the R&D departments of the corporate VC and how much value that will add to your startup.
  2. Document your work and innovation in great detail as corporate VCs will want to understand the technology and the ecosystem in greater detail than traditional VCs.
  3. Proactively educate the corporate VC on your technology and what value it can bring.
  4. Adjust the amount of funding you take from the corporate VC so as to control the amount of influence they have over the startup.
  5. Understand the timeframe of the corporate VC engagement. In many cases, it’s much longer than the traditional VC.
  6. Know your exit strategy and what comes after the relationship with the corporate VC ends or reaches a steady state.
  7. Leverage the relationship with the corporate VC for partnerships.
  8. Utilize the brand of the corporate VC to help gain access to customers. 
  9. Expand your domain knowledge through the resources of the corporate VC such as attending conferences, collaborating on white papers, and working on research projects.
  10. Use the corporate VC funding to gain access to additional funding outside the corporate world.

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