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This is Investor Perspectives, I’m the host of Investor Connect, Hall T Martin, where we connect startups and investors for funding. In this episode, you’ll hear about a new company in the gifting sector called Gesture.

Our featured guests are Paul Capon, Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager at LunaCap Ventures, as well as Ivan Alo and LaDante McMillon, Managing Partners at New Age Capital, all investors in Gesture, and Ben Labra, Co-Founder & CEO of Gesture.

Gesture is an on-demand gifting platform used to send gifts in a simple way through a mobile application. It is tackling the problem of unreliable delivery, overpriced gifting, and horrible customer service using advanced technology the same way Uber took on the yellow cab industry, and Netflix took over Blockbuster.  

Since January 2019, Gesture has delivered thousands of gifts, grown more than 245%, is now available in more than 35+ cities, launched new products and revenue channels, and helped thousands of people stay connected in these unfortunate times. Gesture is a company that believes in connecting people using emotional tangibility to make the world smaller and more personal again.

Our host today is Ashley Matthysse. I hope you enjoy this episode. 

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