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In this episode, you'll hear about a new company in the oil and gas sector called Flowtex Energy. Our host today is Ashley Matthysse.

Our featured guests are Investor Brent Mathie and President of Flowtex Energy Beau Flowers.

Flowtex Energy is an independent oil & gas producer based in Austin, TX and a leading exploration company specializing in the acquisition and development of domestic oil and natural gas wells across Southeast Texas and Central Texas. 

Maximizing the unique tax benefits and tremendous cash-on-cash returns available through private oil & gas production, Flowtex Energy has built a track record of success that their investing partners appreciate and participate in over and over again. 

Utilizing today’s science and technology, along with their conservative, environmentally responsible approach, Flowtex Energy provides significant return potential with quantified downside risk for their participating partners.

I hope you enjoy this episode.


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