Investor Connect Podcast

Investor Connect is proud to introduce a brand new Podcast series: Investor Perspectives.

Over the next few weeks, we continue our discussion on the Impact of the COVID-19 Economy on Startup Funding with experienced investors from the TEN Capital network. In today’s installment, we’re focusing on their preparation for the market after the lockdown, what new investment thesis the COVID-19 pandemic will bring, and what startup sectors will be diminished or eliminated by COVID-19.

Today’s episode features insights from: 

Ash Kaluarachchi of StartEd & EdTech Week  0:45
Charles Sidman of ECS Capital Partners 5:15
Brett Noyes of Unbank Ventures 12:44
Daniel Ibri of Mindset Ventures 14:44
Lydia Kinkade of iiM 21:53
Nathan McDonald of Keiretsu Forum/Keiretsu Capital 26:19

We hope you enjoy listening to this informative new series.


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