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This is Investor Perspectives. I’m the host of Investor Connect, Hall T Martin, where we connect startups and investors for funding.

In our new Investor Perspectives series entitled “How to Solve the Real Estate Problem”, you’ll hear about changes expected in the coming 12 months and our guests’ final thoughts.

As the COVID pandemic passes, we emerge into a new world. The real estate space is now undergoing tremendous change as we shift to a new normal way of life. Work from home and the shift to work from anywhere is changing the real estate market. We have investors and startup founders describe the changes coming up.

Our guests are:

Chi Hathiramani, Chief Investment Officer, Casoro Group 01:19
Brent Bowers, CEO, The Land Sharks 06:48
Lauren Hardy, Founder, TMF Real Estate 07:53
Wade Micoley, Founder and CEO, RealtyHive 10:52

We hope you enjoy the show.

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