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What if starting a business was as easy as a few taps on your phone?

In this episode of Investor Connect, How to Raise Funding, Hall T. Martin engages in a dynamic conversation with Salem Njejimana, the visionary behind TranQuility Inc. – an app reshaping the way millennials and Gen Zers launch businesses. They dive into the app's origin story, tailored for those venturing into e-commerce and product-based ventures.

Discover Tranquility's game-changing features, from virtual coaching to a dedicated business coach and virtual assistant. Salim shares the exciting news of their funding journey, having already secured $5,000 in non-dilutive investment. Listeners are invited to become users, partners, or investors in the Tranquility movement.

Ready to transform your entrepreneurial aspirations? You can find Salim here:  or TranQuility here: Don't just dream – make it happen with Tranquility! 🔥


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