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In this episode, Hall welcomes Anurag Ahuja of TakeOut7. Anurag is a serial entrepreneur, founder, and CEO with over 20 years in the SaaS platform, internet marketing, retail, eCommerce, and data & analytics.

TakeOut7 is an AI-based platform that handles ordering and traditional/digital marketing for independent restaurants. By using TakeOut7’s solutions, restaurants get their online orders directly to their kitchen printers avoiding the painstaking process of manual order entry. TakeOut7’s automated, personalized promotions help restaurants increase their overall revenue by greater than 10% in less than 1 year - all this at no cost to the restaurant via a minimal pass-through business model to the consumer.

Anurag talks about what brought him to the tech space, to begin with, and how he came to the restaurant technology sector. He advises investors to look for companies that can leverage AI and data to help automate tasks for independent customers. Anurag discusses the evolution of the restaurant tech space, and how consolidations and mergers will affect the sector landscape. He also highlights some of the challenges in the space, from the budgetary constraints of independent restaurants, to customers unfamiliar with or unprepared for digital commerce and online ordering. Finally, Anurag talks about TakeOut7's business model and how they are leveraging data and AI to address needs in the space.

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