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In this episode, Hall is joined by Manuk Hergnyan co-founder and managing partner of Granatus Ventures. Granatus Ventures is the first Venture Capital firm in Armenia to provide funding, expertise, and networks to promising technology-driven startups based in or having core value-add activities in Armenia. Granatus Ventures is backed by an experienced team of investment professionals with a passion for building great companies. Granatus was established in 2013 and has offices in Yerevan, London, and Singapore. Manuk is the founder and managing partner at EV Consulting, a leading management advisory and corporate finance firm, with offices in Yerevan and Moscow.

In this episode, Manuk shares his thoughts on what he is most excited about in the industry as well as advice to new investors and startups. He says that being in the venture-capital industry, it provides you with new opportunities every day. The startup ecosystem in Armenia is in very dynamic evolution. There are new and exciting opportunities in deep tech and companies that apply scientific knowledge and discoveries for commercial opportunities. Some of the applications help address the most fundamental problems that humanity and societies are facing. There is a lot of power of technology to solve those issues.

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