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In this episode, Hall welcomes Amrit Robbins of Axiom Exergy. Axiom Exergy's cloud-based platform provides active power management services for buildings with large thermal loads. Today, 60-70% of a typical building's electricity bill is driven by w it consumes power, and 28% of all electricity consumed by US commercial and industrial buildings is used for thermal services ($56 billion/year and growing in the US alone).

Amrit began his career wanting to accelerate the clean-energy future. As an entrepreneur and engineer, he realized that the most promising solutions would be economy-driven rather than policy-driven. Amrit talks in-depth about power management and refrigeration industry, and how it is traditionally a high-volume, low-margin space. He discusses how Axiom has approached this space by essentially putting unused data to good use, using AI techniques. Amrit also talks about some of the challenges Axiom overcame in building into this space. Finally, Amrit highlights how refrigeration technology could be part of the key to mitigating the climate crisis.

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