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In this episode, Hall welcomes Sasha Shtern of Zero G Capital. Sasha is a seasoned entrepreneur with deep ties to the Denver startup community, and known for investing and operating companies in manufacturing, construction services, and technology. In addition, Sasha is the co-founder of Rocky Mountain Blockchain and co-organizer of Ethereum Denver, one of the largest blockchain organizations in the region. Sasha got his start as an entrepreneur at an early age in eCommerce, and gradually build on that success investing in the community.

Sasha talks about some of the investment opportunities in the Midwest and Mountain West, and how determining valuation is key, particularly when talking about startups across different regions. He explains how the differential in valuations between the middle of the country and the coasts can create opportunities for startups and investors. Sasha emphasizes the importance of capital efficiency and using early earnings to generate initial growth. He also discusses how there are fewer barriers to starting a business, and what that means for investing. Finally, Hall and Sasha discuss how the best founders can transition from being a technician to a salesperson and be good at both.

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