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In this episode, Hall welcomes Josh Chapman, Managing Partner of Konvoy Ventures. Konvoy Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund that focuses exclusively on video gaming & esports.

Josh has a background in finance and has worked at both BlackRock and Morgan Stanley. He decided that he wanted to use those skills and be a life cycle company. He then decided to get into the venture space and launch his firm.

According to Josh, Konvoy is entirely focused on investing in technology startups behind video gaming and sports. He says there is also a large need for focused investment capital in the industry. Konvoy is incredibly excited about the future of video gaming. They've gone from 100 million people in 1995 that played video games to now north of 2.6 billion people that play. That breaks down between about 2.1 billion on mobile, 1.1 billion on PC and about 700 million on game consoles. The future is very bright for the industry.

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