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In this episode, Hall welcomes Michael Mealling and Steven Jorgenson of Starbridge Venture Capital.

Michael co-founded Masten Space Systems, was CTO of Seraph Group (a seed-stage VC fund), is the CEO of the Waypaver Foundation, and the President of the Moon Society. He has helped build several startups over the years ranging from telecom consulting to social media.

Steven is a founding partner of the Space Finance Group, Quantum Space Products, Space Angels Network, and Integrated Space Analytics. Steven is also an active angel investor in numerous other aerospace startups, giving him valuable personal experience as both the Investor and the startup Entrepreneur, as well as extensive experience as a professional investment fund manager.

Starbridge Venture Capital is a venture capital fund focused on the overlap between the space technology sector and traditional technology investments. There is true innovation happening across multiple sectors of space science and technology and at a pace that is quite obviously accelerating.

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