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In this episode, Hall welcomes Faris Ghawi of Vytalize Health. Vytalize Health enables primary care providers to enhance the scope of care provided for Medicare patients. Their comprehensive services include in-home, remote and brick-and-mortar care, as well as on-demand urgent care.

Faris provides advice for investors coming into the healthcare space and highlights how the space has changed.  As Faris explains, a successful healthcare technology is about "cutting costs, and capturing savings, and sharing savings out of the value that's created in the system". The emphasis is on creating efficiencies and aligning the economics of all the stakeholders. Faris discusses how and why Vytalize focuses on Medicare, and where they fit into the overall landscape. He also touches on the cost savings goals that a value-based startup should be looking for. Finally, Faris talks about how the value-based healthcare is being received by the larger market.

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