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In this episode, Hall welcomes Ben Jones of Skipcart. Skipcart is an on-demand last-mile delivery company. Retailers, grocers, and local businesses have the option to give their customers same day delivery by utilizing software and a crowdsourced community of drivers. Ben started out as an entrepreneur working on the service side for large companies before breaking out on his own. Skipcart grew out of the Amazon-Whole Foods acquisition, and the emerging space of grocery delivery.


Ben talks about the competition in the space, and the importance of solid technology and innovation to back up your last-mile delivery startup. Ben also discusses the effect of crowdsourcing and how it drives efficiencies in the space. Finally, Ben also touches on some of the challenges in the space, from getting drivers to adopt a gig-based income model, as well as software that maximizes the efficiency of route-planning to ensure drivers remain loyal to the company.


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