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In this episode, Hall welcomes Dr. Suri Ganeriwala Founder and President of Spectra Quest Inc. Spectra Quest, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of complete Turn-key Systems for training and diagnosis in Machine Vibration Analysis, Rotor Balancing, and Shaft/Coupling Alignment. The system includes Machinery Fault Simulators, Interactive Training Program, Data Acquisition Hardware/ Software, and Accessories. To accelerate the learning and design process SpectraQuest offers a series of interactive software CDs on Vibration Fundamentals and Calculations, Signal Processing, Alignment and Balancing.

Before founding Spectra Quest, Suri's background includes a bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He has over thirty years of industrial and academic experience in machinery fault diagnosis, signal processing, vibration analysis and control, and viscoelastic material characterization. Suri has worked for Philip Morris, Firestone, and Martin Marietta Aerospace. He has developed a unique method of instruction using the SpectraQuest machinery fault simulator (MFS), which is his creation from concept to completion.





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