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On this episode, Hall welcomes Chris Hall of Escalate Capital. Escalate Capital is an Austin, TX-based Mezzanine Private Equity Firm, primarily focusing on high-growth late-stage technology companies, including SaaS, tech-enabled services, internet, and healthcare. Before investing in early-stage companies, Chris had his eye on mergers and acquisitions but at the time it was not feasible due to the state of the banking industry. He then began his career as a management consultant in many different fields including technology, healthcare, oil and gas, and energy. Interested in a more operational focus, Chris worked in private equity before transitioning full-time to investing.

In this episode, you'll hear Chris's take on the current state of the growth equity space, and where he sees it heading. Also, Chris discusses some of the successes and challenges he's experienced in the space, as well as some of the subsectors and applications he thinks, are particularly promising.

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